Blind’s Way


by: Kenth Shiratsuchi

This wake eyes of mine are sharp and early, as it waits for the sun to shine in the heavens, where its glisten is everlasting as it kissed each of our soul. Lying in bed, thinking of the better days to come and what it holds. It’s been days I never slept quite normal as people of my age would, as if I was born in another origin, a different country or a place; far from home. My mind would understand that bliss that is in my heart, but it can never conclude what is inside of it. These past days I feel the world starts to change, even if I know that change will forever be constant, but the attached soul is still not ready for it, although the change started seven months ago. I was in the middle of bliss and blank of determining my goal, I already knew the way but still, I was lost again. It’s hard to always hold the map, knowing that you cannot lead your own, I was on my journey all alone blind and still searching my way. Its funny to imagine that voyagers can be blind, but it will never mean as a disability. I am that traveler, slowly getting blind by the hindrances that I might encounter my way. Everyday is a struggle, thinking what the future holds and grasping its significance, As I wander, the rage of the nature is evident, stopping and blocking my way, but fighting through it is the best response I could give. I am still wandering all alone in this journey that I am in, blinded but fighting through against all odds. I have raised all to God to help me overcome the hindrances in this journey of mine. Blinded but fighting.

Blind Pass Sunset ~ Ron Wiltse (Google Images)



No one was brave enough to fight for what the both of us could have


by: Kenth Shiratsuchi

Those days, those days where glasses of our souls are searching for its missing pieces, picking those shattered pieces up and suddenly there was us, our stars collied but we are not in each of our celestial distinction. We are stars built for the night sky, not our night sky but each of our “own” night sky. Asymptote lines we were, we converge but we didn’t meet. We traveled miles but we are still lost. I know that you are brave, and I too, but we are not brave enough to fight the justice of our hearts, how we feel and how we interpret those lines uttered in movies that end up happily ever after, you were not brave and so was I. We spoke the identical language of our spirits, it came from the same origin, where I dug deep in what to respond when you utter words that suddenly brought awe to my beating heart. The bond that we share and the memories are crystal clear to define what we, both of our hearts had deep inside, but no one was brave enough to define what the both of us feel at that particular moment. We almost climbed mountains together to show that love cannot just only move mountains, but move our souls together through the shared love that we exchange. As time flourished so as our hearts defined on what both of us had, it was the time that I was certain of what I feel. Every time that we spend mutually, the feeling that I forgot once brought back significant visions again. It grew like an outstanding masterpiece of the heart that can never reinstate any material wealth, that complementary feeling brought memories back at a significant time. It was like a jigsaw puzzle made, with eyes whose focus is greater than the tigers. I was certain for what I feel, but the both of us were not brave enough to fight for what we could have, we cannot gaze into each other’s eyes, with great emotions of truth and show what our hearts had inside. I guess both of us are still lost and waiting for the one is brave, brave enough to fight for what we deserve, fight for the love that was created and bounded us together. Maybe we met for the same purpose to get to know who we love, or are we bound to meet just to examine what our hearts desire? The love made was distinct and splendor, the love built was ready to be shown to the world with hearts that open infinite emotions and influence blank hearts to fill others with bliss and beauty. The hearts built with indefinite love are ready to produce its openhandedness, but until now no one was brave enough to fight for what both of us could have and no one was brave enough to fight for our happiness and love that was shared and defined unconditional. Our love is wonderful, its beauty is evident but we can not touch its divinity. The love that we shared is glory, its brightness can cause lives to bloom in its most perfect time. We are both cowards, no one was strong enough to share what are souls had inside. As days go by and time flies away from its origin, so as our love shared, gradually wilting without our keen eyes on focus, that love shriveled like flowers in the fields with no sunlight or rain, as the day goes so as the flowers dying and knowing it is hard to plant another field again. You were not brave and so was I to plant another field of blooms that will last for years or even for a lifetime, the fervor that we have will never remain the same as how we both feel at this moment. Our souls are afraid to show its reflection, it hurts knowing that we cannot fight for what both of us feel deep inside our hearts, it hurts knowing that maybe the love made was biased or maybe love was not defined as what is in the first place. We are blinded, but soon we’ll see where our love can bring us, maybe to a place where we could fill empty rooms with bliss or a place we discover our own where we could see ourselves loving each other with hearts opened to share. Maybe we are still not ready, that’s why we are not brave enough to fight for what the both of us could have.

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Photo: Brandon Woelfel Photography @branddonwoelfelphotography


A beautiful tragedy

by: Kenth Shiratsuchi

“A tragic evolution”

July 21, 2019

Love is sometimes tragic, when you gave love, and realized that it was never given back. Love is sometimes harmony, as it puts everything in place and you have nothing to feel but only love and bliss that filled your entire life. Love is always magical it is the most remarkable feeling when you had your first kiss, stepping on the stage on your college graduation or having your first pet. No words could ever be written or described when you felt love, it is the most fulfilling and significant moment of your life, you feel life’s bliss when the presence of pain is still evident. Love brought so much influence of bliss in our lives, but why does love sometimes never stood behind our backs? protecting us from despair and hurt. Love is acceptance, having all that hurt stabbed in your heart is acceptance. Accepting that love is not always magical or majestic, but it is feeling the opposite meaning of it. It does always never mean happiness, but sometimes pain. Understanding love is difficult for us, as it’s definition is never the same as we all know. We define love all and how we want, because love is emotion and feeling it’s greatness is beauty. It is a beautiful thing to be thankful for, it is a great feeling to be felt, when you know that days went dull and low and in times of trouble. Love opens our eyes in the reality of life. It can never give us the same feeling as the time flew far from it’s origin. It will never be the same love you felt for years, or for centuries. It may be stronger, weak or it tells that it ended, it is constant but it evolves. It can never always be blissful or beauteous. As it evolves so as the heart required to do the exact same thing, to equip ourselves from it’s tragic evolution. It is wonderful to felt love, but are ready to feel it’s opposite feeling? We are blinded by it’s beauty and must be reminded to open our blind eyes and see it’s meaning in our shallow sights. All those pain and anxiety that love has given will never remain in you, it will destroy you, but it doesn’t mean that it is the end, remember that love is a choice, to remind our dear beings that it’s beautiful definition is always ready to be preached and taught to others. Love will always be in our lives, it is not only shared by two people, but shared by crowds and even thousands. Love is a concrete definition of selflessness, as it was sometimes given and was never reciprocated, but it is never a hindrance to end love, but the love that you have is powerful to say that loving them without any price is equally beautiful as the love shared by anyone. No love never deserve to not be given back, you may feel that it was never reciprocated but soon it will. You showed greatness in loving with all your heart without any price. Love is loving them wholly without regret and with all you heart, is the greater than receiving unconditional love, because love is a beautiful tragedy.


Waters and Wildfires


By:Kenth Frane Shiratsuchi 


Friends are vital in life, they are the ones that can lend you a hand to when you need one and a shoulder to lean on when problems spread like wildfire and when waters are unclear when they need outmost filtration. But why does sometimes wildfires spread without our notice? And why does waters came raging when our keen eyes are still on focus? The answer would probably be “some things are out of our control” there are things that we cannot control at the palm of our hands that’s why sometimes things are incapable of our control. These “wildfires” are felt by mine exactly 4 months ago. I have to admit that I couldn’t live without my friends. They are my support system when sometimes things came uncertain and when days went blur and dull. They are my go to when sadness invaded myself. My heart displayed infinite joy when we shared sentiments and talked with all our hearts out. I have friends from home (in Negros), and they are one of the purest kind. They are my source of strength when I was still in my hometown, when I left for college, still they are my go-to-person. Leaving home for college is one of the difficult stages a teen turning adult would endure (especially those who are of different cultural background). It was a huge adjustment for me to cope up with the learning environment here in Cavite. It was so hard, pushing yourself just to be in the moment when others are in trend. It was indeed a difficulty getting to be used with the language (Tagalog), as in our hometown it is just necessary to use when you are in your Filipino subject. It is adjustment at it’s peak, using that language that is not a norm of yours. Adjustment is still evident as the years went by, the subjects, the people and still, the language. I kept a good eye in coping with all the people in the block. But still I felt that it wasn’t good enough to make them love myself, at that moment on I realized that adjustment still lacked on my part. I kept taking great steps of faith, knowing that someday I can cope up with my feeling of being left out in the group. My positivity still went high knowing that it is still so hard to adjust. When Junior year in college came, I was able to make a decision of leaving my bestest friend behind, in choosing them as my sole companions. It was definitely one of the hardest choices that I was in. I choose them than my Bestfriend. It came a time when Pam (My Bestfriend) changed her class schedule, she changed everything expect of that one subject (Electronics 1). I was keeping a good eye on greeting her and knowing if she was okay, but she ended our conversations easy, it just ended like the awkward ones we see in the movies and it was never a good feeling. I accepted that I’ve lost my best friend and choose my block and the girls than her. I kept a good phase on maybe that decision was the decision that could be right. First semester of the junior year ended and it ended like no other. When the time of releasing of grades came, it was my end. When the 2nd semester of Junior year came. I found out that I already found out that I’ve lost my friend. She shifted and went taking on BOM (Business operations management). I was slowly accepting the fact that it was my wildfire. Slowly spreading, without me even noticing. I was losing someone without my keen eyes on. I was slowly accepting the fact and still pursued those who are my choice. When Senior year in college came it was the conclusion of my choice. The feeling of sudden left out was felt by my soul. Knowing that all of them are almost regular students in engineering, that I was left out on a certain time. When they all talk, I was just in the timid corner staring at them blankly, as if they were speaking something unknown. I was a total left out. The feeling was certain that I was feeling outcast in the block. I endured the pain that I was feeling from that moment on, I had to segregate myself from them. To let them know that I was different and that they will never understand me as a person. I accepted that I was the less important in the group. I felt that I was not united with the same soul as them, as if I was possesed by a different soul. I was left behind without being noticed and I guess that I didn’t meet with their standards. It was wearying knowing that you have tried, without being noticed or given importance of. I was used to the feeling and suddenly dislocate myself from them. Now this semester is all about the people whom I was with, in my ups and downs. Those who valued and treasured me as whole and not by parts. Those who understands me and that sense of connection that all of us only feel. I was lucky to met another group where I can express myself more freely than those who don’t. I was lucky to stop the wildfire and raging waters that overflowed with huge amounts that hindered me from loving and appreciating myself, I cannot deny that I missed the old one. But it, you can never fit yourself in a puzzle that is not yours. In the end you will realize that finding your value can stop wildfires and raging waters. It’s up to you to value and know.



By: Kenth Frane Shiratsuchi 


As I grow, I was about to realize that love is always a shade used to fill the blank canvass with vivid colors of choice. For me, it is painting of what always the heart has and not for what the heart will do. It is pouring all creativity and artistic realm all in a perfect blank space. Choosing your color is just as the same as choosing the person whom you spend the most of our life with, and will fill your life with shades of vivid colors. As the artwork will reach it’s conclusion, you are to see what is in the end, a certain outcome that will define your story and you as a person. In my case, I am still on the process of painting my own canvass, I have dominion over my choice of color and I am certain that it really defined for those who already crossed my heart. First, I choose Blue as my color. It represents the first person that I once loved. I choose Blue because it represents his personality and his genuinity as a person. He loves tatics and sports. He likes to eat a lot and would share his food, even if sometimes he has nothing left for himself. He stood tall and his “moreno” aura fixated the entire room when he enters, his eyes spoke a certain language which he and I only understand. He doesn’t speak a lot, because sometimes he slurred and words came ununderstandable, but it never hindered for my heart to push my love for him, I always spend my time looking at him and imagine his arms embrace my being. I am always at his games and would cheer my hearts out for him. We spend time together and would talk about the future, I suddenly felt a sparking connection between the two of us, it is just the identical feeling of what we see in movie montages. Until it came such time that he loved someone else and I guess I have no right to react or to say anything, the fact that we had no shared commitment with each other, the feeling is as just the same as Angelica Panganiban uttered the line “there was never an us”. The pain was undeniable, knowing that exact moment will happen anytime. I risked the first time in my life and I guess I thought that It would be worthy for the second time around. 2 years ago, I took that leap of faith to add anpther color in my canvass and this time I chose Green. As I was about to paint my color choice, it needed great courage again to love and accept the conclusion in the end. Green represents maturity and peace of mind, same representation of the person himself. He was smart and would isolate himself sometimes when things came uncertain. I was asked “why would you like or love someone like that?” I know that loving him is a risk, but I was certain that it was genuine. I continued and proved that he deserves love more than his love for himself. I was happy and glad that we met, he taught me things filled with technicality and tenacity. His mind was filled with the bliss of the future and would discuss how will it end. His intellectual mind captured my heart, his wit became solid, when he already know that his worth managed to be recognized; he was nominated one of the best students in our college and it was his very first leap of faith in college. The feeling grows bigger every single day and found out we almost had the same interests. The day came when I told him what I felt for the longest time, it was blatant and I felt that I was still not ready, but I felt it was the right time. I told him how much I love him, but I ended up rejected and hurt again. It was the second time that I was hurt again. I was like a flower that wilted in a sunny morning, it was unexpected. I again persisted to forget him and continue loving him as a friend and I did. The shade of green has emptied it’s bottle and I guess it’s time to take some rest and choose another color.


People come and go

By Kenth Frane Shiratsuchi


People come and go, you can never decide who will stay and who will not. You can never figure out who will enter or who will leave, which one will go and which one will not. You will never know who knocks at your doorstep or the one who shouts at your front porch, unless you are to open that door or peak at your window. Fate’s design is always at your palm but, there are things that are sometimes out of our control. We may be lost without them, but we are told in that certain context to find those true ones that will stay forever. The ones who we trust and the ones whom we ought to shower much love that never was reciprocated. No man is an island, yes, but why does someone are to live their lives alone? Yes, alone but temporary. You may sometimes feel that you are walking alone or maybe strolling the park without someone’s company. You are alone, but temporary. Why? maybe your fate’s design let those people leave you in exchange for someone else, someone much better and those who will understand and collides your spirits together and create new friendship or maybe love. We have nothing to do for those who left, but we have something to do to find those who will understand us, love us and will leave our souls filled with happiness and serenity. Their doors may close for you, but there are still a lot of doors and rooms to occupy. You are great and you deserve great friends and company. You deserve all the love because that’s what you showed them since the very beginning. You will understand that life is changing and so as people. Change is constant. You are on your path and there are still many people you will meet along the way, maybe not now but, in God’s perfect timing. Just trust the process.


Twenty Four Letters

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By: Kenth Frane Shiratsuchi

Twenty four pieces of paper, with words filled to tell different stories.


“Maybe a girl who tries to be better amidst all obstacles that she is experiencing”

” It can be a boy whose heart filled with joy and expresses his thanks and gratitude in a built friendship”

“Maybe a girl who lacks confidence trying to be calmed and collected to regain her self esteem?”

“Is it a boy who never loses hope to aspire a better life?

 “or a boy who admits his fault and seeks humbleness in the midst of pride?”

Different stories and different people, but unites in the harmony of life, as each papers are opened, so as the lives of each individual unfolds in each and every single sheet of paper. As the words are uttered from the lips, so as the mind translates the words into movements of love and gratitude. Reflection was felt, so as the heart that poured on the same moment as hands started to move in such grace and harmony where letters started to form into words, paragraphs and sentences. They all from the same origin;  same identity. As each papers are read, it seems like they somewhat came from an identical origin – the hearts of each one of us.


excess piece

By: Kenth Frane Shiratsuchi 

“never be an excess forever” 


Beauty can never be defined in a puzzle that lacks it’s pieces, so as an astounding masterpiece, a piece is worthwhile. As pieces were held by hands gracefully with fingers danced until pieces of such masterpiece are shifted to it’s places. It creates an image, a beautiful picture filled with meaning and worth. As each pieces are placed, so as the beautiful image continues to be evident and seen. The beautiful image is a picturesque scenery of bliss and beauty, it is the ultimate goal. Pieces are all placed and the picturesque imagery filled with bliss and beauty was seen in an astounding display. It was a beautiful image, an image of beauty. Pieces are all laid and placed into it’s places, there is still one piece that was left. The piece was different among all other pieces, it holds no part in the beautiful picture, nor it does not hold premier importance. The piece was pale and it was in bluish color, it was an excess piece. That piece was beautiful and it was unique among all other pieces and holds a subtle beauty that most of the pieces didn’t embody. The piece was held and it was laid in the palm, eyes starts to widen as the piece was examined by sight. The piece didn’t fit in, the piece was part of a different masterpiece. We are pieces of puzzle, each one of us holds a unique significance that we are ought to live by our entire life. We are pieces of our own puzzle – our masterpiece, sometimes we fit and sometimes in a different scene or format of beauty. We may feel we are that excess piece, which belonged but never fits in, we may be lost and we need to figure out our way. If we didn’t fit the puzzle, better find another one. It is hard to fit in a puzzle whose pieces are complete, you can never be laid above or below, you can never be placed beside it, and even outlines will never do. Accept that you do not belong the group, accept that you are such, being an excess piece does not and never define worthless or insignificant, you are placed in a different box of puzzle. You are place in a box of united pieces that builds an astounding image, knowing that, you are able to learn unity and friendship, even you didn’t fit or you do not take place in that image, still you learn it’s value and meaning; there is no one to blame and no one to hold on to but yourself. Understand that being an excess piece is also valuable, you belong to a certain image that you can  be confidently laid and to be fitted. Being lost doesn’t mean the end, but finding your masterpiece is a greatest act as such can do. An excess piece is never an excess forever, believe in yourself and find that puzzle that you fit in. It may be large or small, but being able to fit and find your position is the most fulfilling moment of your life, each of us are pieces of our own puzzle, we embody a unique characteristic that made us cut above the rest. We are perfect pieces of puzzle honed with undeniable worth, knowing that worth will help us find our perfect puzzle. An excess piece but will never remain an excess forever.



by Kenth Frane Shiratsuchi


Here was I, sitting in the square and waiting for your company. We talked a while ago and my eagerness to see you and your face evidently sprouts like the greens after the rain. We talked and I envisaged you to be that significant one, the one that I looked for years and it was the time that my patience has reached it’s end. It was a perfect storybook ending. You are the one, the one who filled my heart with joy and left a constant feeling of love that is defined unconditional, I can conclude that you are it, the one that I was looking for. You are the one, the one who continues to pour your all for the sake of my happiness, my joys and comfort me in my pains and anxiety, you are the one that I was looking for. I waited for you and this is the time that we finally meet. It was past few minutes of the time that we should meet, but I kept waiting with hearts full of hope to see your shadow from afar. It was hours of waiting but I kept my eyes filled with joy waiting for your arms that will embrace my soul. I end up waiting for hours but there was no you, no shadow nor your brown eyes that glistens from afar. I was there still, sitting and I enjoyed my own company. I was there still waiting for you, but you never came. I soon realize that I was there for myself and not for you. I was there to test my patience and hope for you that you might still come, but there was not. I told myself that I was there for me, to prove my worth that I deserve the love – for myself. I was there to prove that I was valuable and worthy, I was there to realize that I don’t need you to be happy. I was there to tell myself that I can do it without you, I can be happy without you. It was never a picturesque event and it was okay. Maybe I was never meant for you, or maybe you were never meant for me. The stars didn’t align for the both of us and we should go back to our constellations – where we come from. We are made, but not for each other. I was there to prove that I can persist love possibly without your presence. It was hours of waiting and I have given up, I leaved that space with a heart full of courage to say that I never need you in my life. I never need your love nor you embrace, maybe we meet but we are never destined. I leaved and it was the end. sa


To the one that I loved, but he never did

By: Kenth Frane Shiratsuchi

Deep remorse flew into my heart when distance of love remained far from what is expected. Remorse, yet vivid. Memories stilled fresh but love shuttered down. It was a machine that is up for innovation for it’s unwavering service. It’s years spent in service reached to a point where it needs to be enhanced and molded, it was a definite answer for a change. I was that machine, I served and gave love more than for myself yet it ended up to be molded again, changed and enchanced, eventhough my being was certain that it was my best and and my all. I tried to be someone but it was never a good response, it concluded chaos to myself, my being. It gave me complications rather than solutions.I want you to know that you are treated special, a gift, a treasure. You are the stars I see in the sky and you build up my constellation. You are my cup of tea in the middle of the night, where mornings turn cold and you are my comfort. You are the reason why my heart breaths heavily with air passing in and out through it. You are the reason why I tried to open my heart again, to feel love and forget pain. But, you never did. I gave you light, but you gave me darkness. I gave you sugar, but you gave me salt. I gave you bliss, you gave me blank. Unfair, but I still believe that it will never be stagnant. I gave you light for myself to light up my being of the dull and dark moments you bring forth. I gave you sugar for myself to try put it in my coffee that you brought to make it sweet and I gave you bliss for myself to stagnate my inner beauty to feel that myself is defined as special and not you. I learned to love myself because of you. I aid myself to better, to be great. It was not all about you by the way, it was all about me. I learned to stand up for myself because of you, for you to see that I stand with one foot missing, persisting a better life and to love unconditionally without barriers hindering it. I learned to let go and told myself that I must let go of the love that I gave, because you didn’t deserve it after all. I was loved by myself, and not you.


Unconditional Love

By: Kenth Frane Shiratsuchi

“Love has no more dark shades to display”


It was mid of the month of March that I felt that a long awaited time will finally begin. It was a day, I thought that days will be the brightest and the nights will illuminate in the dark. It was a great feeling of joy, and it was made with love mixed with countless emotional ability of happiness and intense hope. It happened when someone noticed me in a group chat and messaged me personally. I was in full awe when he noticed me and said we had similarities with the language that her mother bears, and I replied with happiness thinking that he might understand what I am talking to or talking about. There I was, again a victim of love. I was not informed that it was then again an unpredictable end. We started to talk and we might find that we complement each other’s worth and found out that he was just a complete and a great person. People never discovered his genuine persona, I guess it was all about knowing the person better and letting him explain each thoughts of his own. As he speak and display his genuine aura, I was definitely thinking that he must be the one. But, I equipped myself again with so much strength with me, knowing my unpredictable fate. I continued and risked myself to maybe secure the love that was made. As days, weeks and months went by, we reached at a certain point that I thought this would be the chance. To be loved again. Knowing that I deserve a better person and genuine love that I begged from others. We shared common interests and it persisted us to know each other better and it went out day by day. As mornings and night paced fast it was then again that happened when days went the brightest, we shared our past and together looking forward of what the future holds. It was, again, a surreal fondness and devotion. Love suddenly glowed and it echoed into the depths of my heart, it rather choose to be vivid than to be colored with dull shades to display. It reached into the mountains, it wandered all alone with strength as his weapon. Until it came a time that he never wandered again, he was lost and his purpose and worth ended up fading. It will never be permanent nor stagnant, fear will be the greatest enemy. In love we are ought to take risk, and reminds us to love unconditionally without barriers hindering it, without walls blocking our way to display infinite happiness. There was I again, unsecured and ready to be hurt. I was hurt, I know that all of this will end possibly this way. I know that I deserve a better person and luckily thought that I found one – almost. But, it ended up thinking that he is not the one, rather he symbolizes a wall, needed to be climbed, to pass and to go through. With all the strength equipped in my being, I climbed that wall with fears still invading myself. But, luckily in the end, I climbed through and found true happiness and genuine feeling joy. It was never easy, to let go knowing that you still love that person. It’s hard, yet it is the only way to free thy self. It is the only way to search for your individual purpose – to be loved again. I’ve settled the feeling and I courageously concluded everything, I took the risk and that is far more important. I loved without me being loved back, yes maybe loving him was indeed a wrong choice but loving the person who and whatever he/she is a boundless and genuine act. We love not by time and we love not by numbers, but we love by our hearts, knowing that if we maybe hurt or not, because love, is an unconditional thing that everyone needs.


Cherished Harmony

by: Kenth Frane Shiratsuchi

Your captivating wisdom eeried into my curious mind.

Love seems light, and blatantly blind.

Carelessly holding on the feeling that was made.

Joy overflowed and love was in indefinite cascade.

It happened when we first met.
You seem shy; carrying so much fret.

I approached and talked with you.

I never thought that it is the clue, that I will fell for you.

We talked with so much things.

The talk went nice, and it was good as it seems.

The moments we shared and create

Infinite love that I thought was made.

It came the time that I was undecided.

It came the time that I was never reminded

That if love requires sacrifice,

There will be a heart that will be left uncomprised.

The moment came, where I confess my love for you.

It was casual but feeling of nervousness invaded too.

Ready to accept everything,

Rather than to love and to be left with nothing.

There was I saying “I liked you”

But he said, I never once, never did liked you.

I was hurt, but there’s nothing I can do,

I was soaked in a rain, there was I feeling blue.

Love requires risks,

Eventhough sometimes you feel it’s undeniable bliss.

You will be loved, I promised myself,

I was loved, by my genuine self.


Leaving, I was


The first time that I stepped at the De La Salle University – Dasmariñas is dream. A thousand butterflies fluttered thier wings like it invaded myself with joy and overflowing presence of hope drenched my being. I was able to capture that reality, that I was just so close to my dreams. I was able to prove myself that I am just more a person, more than the name that I was given. I was able to meet new friends and people with different backgrounds. I was able to experience a new environment and to socialize with it. I was able to search for my purpose and to find out that I was never wrong. It was my dream to go to college. It was one of the greatest moments of my life – a significant one. I sacrificed my happiness and blissful moments of friendship and camaraderie just to fulfill my dreams – to finish a degree. It was hard, but I coped with it, and to realize that it made me more stronger and bolder as I was to venture life. It was all on my shoulders; wearying it is but I managed the pain, it was like a painless fluid that was injected to myself. It continues and I just let it be and look life in a more positive context – a happier life. I was able to remind myself to fill my life with enough positivity, it is hard to look at life this way but I remained steadfast to my goal. I kept on to persist a better self out of me, a person with a bright and vivid spirit, but things didn’t work the way that they are. My mother told me stop my college education. My time stopped an hour and I was soaked in a never ending rain. I know that pain has infinitely witnessed my life, but still it creeps in. It will always be there, it will never go away. It was like a needle pierced into my chest letting it bleed so much like never before. Emotions overflowed and I remained uncertain what to choose and it invaded myself. I was hopeless and desperate. I went at work with a mind diving deep into a dark abyss. I was restless thinking of the next plans of what to do with my life. I felt I was not given importance and having a right to study and to finish a degree. My dreams shattered and I felt I wasn’t able to pick up those shattered pieces. I am in a deep sense of deciding on what will be my life or what will happen to my life. I raised everything to God, and I know that he will guide me in everything. I know that I could lend a shoulder to lean on and a soul to carry on. It’s time for me to bid adieu, my dear blockmates and friends that I will miss.For those people who appreciated me as I am, thank you for believing in me and for never letting my spirit dull, for you are the reason of how strong I am to persist and value a beautiful life. For those who not, well I hope that you are happy reading this, and maybe joy overflowed your being as you witnessed my pain and suffering in life, God will always guide you. Thank you for all! I will always treasure our moments than the finest jewels and gold. It will remain significant and will always be. Thank you for everything!
Kenth Frane Shiratsuchi


BS Electronics and Communications Engineering


“An unfinished legacy”


A new chapter unfolds

By: Kenth Frane Shiratsuchi



A new chapter in my life unfolds and a new journey begins; needed to be ventured. I have been tested by the trails of life and it has came, the moment that I am afraid of. Dreams started to shatter and it has crumbled unto the depths of this being of mine. I felt weak, but it never needed a weakest soul to help me overcome. I have nothing to do but to accept this, and continue life and maintain a positive outlook in it. Today marks the end of my dreams, maybe the end but I think it shouldn’t. I have nothing to do but to persist a better self. A dream is a dream and everyone has the capability to make it come true, I do believe that there is still something that lies in store. It is now, the purpose has finally identified. There is no time to waste. Today’s the start 💪


A foot is better than nothing

By Kenth Frane Shiratsuchi

” Embrace the change”

Change is not rapid, but it is constant. You have the change within you to grow and for others to see how high you could go. In this unpredictable world we must battle ourselves and get equipped for trials and hindrances we may and might encounter.

It is never the end.

It is just a starting point of all; mistakes may occur and failures may be evident but no one can dispute your inner light, no one can decide what light you should be and what your life will be. Feel sighificant, there is a lot of rooms for you to occupy in this world, there are a lot of rooms to light away from darkness. Hope is your companion never let yourself be drenched with negativity. Never regret each and every mistake, for in that means you will grow, accept criticism, move on and do better. There is no trouble in standing with one foot missing, the trouble is not rising up from falling, accepting it more and embrace the negativity within.

 Never give up, grow and build your legacy



There are a couple of times that I doubted myself of where my potential can bring me or specifically the path that I was going. I tried my best everyday, but I did never experienced being silently downgraded and belittled like this. I accepted that no matter happens if between the two of us of who will be exempted in the Comprehensive Exam, for me it was okay that they did not choose me to be exempted. It was a great feeling that out of the four, one voted for you and I thank him/her for believing in me that I do really deserved it but, the point of all of this drama is that you were told “AY MAY BUMOTO PA?”. It shows a clear definition that I didn’t deserve to exempted. For me it was totally ok and I don’t pour so much deal about it, but by hearing it from you? Brings so much disgust. You were never sensitive, you are totally not aware on what others are feeling. If you are reading this, remember this that this will be my last remark. I will may be silent, but remember that you will soon regret. God knows 😊


A letter for my Mom

Dear Mama,

Hi Ma! It’s been a long time since we haven’t talk. I know I have trepasses and mistakes that I did commit and I did do apologise for all. I am indeed sorry. My finals week is fast approaching, it is 2 weeks from now. I just want to let you know that the semester will end soon and summer classes will start mainly on 2nd or 3rd week of June. I have 5 subjects to take but I will just only take 4 of them this summer since maximum units is only 9 units this summer. And I will take the another subject on 1st semester of 4th year.   And I will cope up with my subjects until I will be regular again. I just want to let you know, if I won’t take these 4 subjects on summer I will be late and I won’t graduate on time. I just want to remind you on this, it was never my intention to fail. I did never want to fail and every student does have that mindset. But my course is not a bachelor of arts course or a course that is strolling on the park. It is hard, I have to sacrifice my time and effort just to cope with the deadlines and paper works. I had to balance school and helping my tita with her business and that even made me manage my time properly. I have studied so hard and unexpectedly it ended up the way I never did expected. I tried my best and I think that made me know my worth. I absorbed criticism due to my failures, I was at my low but it never defined myself. I know that you have sacrifice a lot and I applaud you for that. I did never want my mother to see her being in that way, because I love her. Even she was not created as perfect as any mothers could be, but my mother showed determination and persistence. The experiences here made me better than I was before. I was able to distinguish things and prioritize them. I know I was never normal, I see my friends calling their parents wishing them to be better, I see them complete with their families and I see how lucky they are. I wished of it, but I just gradually accepted that I grew without a mother at my side. It was ok because I know that life will find a way. But I did never forgot my mother. She was my roots and my ground. I was struggling on a day to day basis trying to be better and absorbing negativity and converting them into positive thoughts. I always look at the glass half full instead of half empty. It helped my soul diminished thoughts that are way unclear and uneasy. I did enjoy this ride but it has stop overs. I thank you for supporting me along the way .


A Journey to a place unfamiliar

by: Kenth Frane Shiratsuchi

“Finally identified my purpose”


It has been three years full of eye opening experiences, since day one up to this day is worth meaningful. I ventured and experienced life, the bliss and hindrances of it has gradually sinked in, in this being of mine. I left Negros 24th of April 2015, with vivid dreams of becoming a person that is and will be significant in the society. I have this dream to finish a degree. I have to choose to leave home or to finish my education. Being a person with that great dream, I did not stayed on my comfort zone. I choose to venture a place unfamiliar and to speak a language that is not a norm of mine. I was clueless, and start to choose my course. I choose a degree in Engineering and it did was a firm decision. The first time I stepped at De La Salle University – Dasmariñas was indeed a dream. I was lucky and able to study in the said institution. I was happy and it boosted my pride and confidence. I remembered vividly the first time we all met-(ECE13). It was a great feeling to meet new people of different backgrounds. It was surreal, the feeling is different. In the beginning it was hard, but I did cope with it, the environment and the language itself – Tagalog. It has been a wild ride, ups and downs may come what. This whole new experience is a memorable one. It will always play a significant place in my life. Struggling is a part of my everyday life. I was able to absorb criticisms and made them all constructive. I absorbed negativity and gradually converting them into positive thoughts. Everyday is a challenge. It’s constant change is evident. I know I was never normal, I was able to balance my work and academics, I was able to search for my purpose, my individual worth. I was thought by myself to weigh situations and prioritize them. I was a different person than the way I was back in the province, a more driven individual who knows his worth. I was able to crystallize myself, to build and renew my being. Until it reached the time that I bloomed like a flower that blossoms in the field that glides with the breeze filled with infinite beauty. I was able to identify myself. Amidst everything, I choose to have a positive outlook on life, I did never look at life filled with agonizing pain, or walls of great trials. It is difficult to look at life this way, but it never hindered me to maintain a good formation of life – a blissful one. It’s been three years from the year 2015 that I moved here I was happy and glad that I was able to manage everything. It is a wild ride, but it is still not the end of an adventurous journey. My journey in a place unfamiliar have given me lessons of hope, determination and persistence. It gave me a certain reason to live and to continue to love life regardless of the hindrances I may or might encounter. It is a wild ride, a ride that needs a strong soul to still carry on and continue this journey.


Yes, it has ended

By:Kenth Frane Shiratsuchi

“yes, it has truly ended” 


Love has ended, the feeling of happiness faded like colors, washed out the love that you’ve made. Love has ended, the joy seeing your dark brown eyes glisten, was never like before. Love has ended, the ways of your love wilted like flowers in the winter storm. Love has ended, we are not like before. Love has ended, we are “friends” and only be “friends”. Love has ended, it has ended. Love has ended, finally I have accepted that our love truly has ended.


An Insipid College Life

By: Kenth Frane Shiratsuchi

“To those who would have thought that their college life is indeed a lack-luster”


Since I started studying for College here in DLSU-D, my life suddenly felt different. It was not like before, it is never synonymous to High School, I know it is, of the fact that it has a more different environment and the state of culture is totally different than it is in Negros. But, seeing others totally enjoying the bliss of college and enjoying every sip of the moment makes me feel entirely sad. The evident fact that is, I was going home after classes are done, my friends will ask if I will join them to eat or just to hang out with them few more minutes, but I always chose to go home or spend my time at work. The scenario continued and I was totally ok with it, but time flies and I felt I also needed memories and bliss of college – specifically it’s life. I was not happy, yes of course I was because of my amazing and great friends that are always at my side no matter what, but my being hungered for experiences and memories that are needed to have a good structured self, a complete self. I know that there are a lot of things that could make me happy, but this is totally different, it is a jigsaw piece that needs to complete a puzzle. My potential and admiration for art temporarily died. I was indeed sad for everyday that I was not unleashing my potential as an individual. My interests was lost and I feel blah everytime. I was drenched with so much stress, may it be academics, personal problems, or anything, anything that is associated with emotion and self worth. I was temporarily dead, I feel I was not Kenth, I felt a very different person who is trying to make everyday of his life happy, even if not. I was hungry for the bliss of college, I didn’t even tried to display my abilities fully and some even questioning it. I was always at my low, I once studied so much for that certain quiz / exam but suddenly my scores dropped down so low, that I could never even imagine. But, I can happily say that it didn’t even hinder me to continue the life I have – An abnormal college life. Negativity starts to trigger myself and I think that is always my shoulder. I was not entirely enjoying the moment, I was stuck in the middle of bliss and blank. I enjoy individuality, myself and I. I know that I don’t have a normal life, but it must not be the hindrance, not to enjoy everything. I was always told by that, I am tired of those thoughts already, but I don’t have a choice, I must follow of what was told, and continue to embrace all of this until I will entirely finish my degree. This is a reminder to all of you that enjoy your life, maybe you don’t but you should. As we age, I know that it will all fly, but memories will stay and it will remain significant. Maybe you can’t feel what I feel, I understand but, always embrace the life that you are in. You are at your best, because God made you to surpass all of the hindrances you may encounter in life, he knows that you can do it and can manage everything in place. 


Kenth Frane Shiratsuchi 🤗